5 Reasons Why we Love Critical Mass

Turning Ghandi Square into a mini velodrome!


There is no feeling like it – Joburg City, riding into the fresh summer night on your chosen two wheeled steed, a giant whirring crowd with one thing connecting us all – bikes.


Bikes of every shape, size and creed. From low-riding BMX’ers, straight laced road riders, retro bikes and their equally eccentric passengers and even a top to toe spandex clad man on a giraffe bike.  This is Critical Mass. And here are 5 good reasons why we love it, and why you will too.


1. It’s a Great Night Out!

Screw dinner in Parkhurst, clubbing in Rivonia and quiet nights in. Critical Mass combines all the good things in life: bikes, a hint of booze and inner city adventures. And you get skinny doing it – how many night time jols kill the kilos? It’s something different to do, where you can meet new and like-minded people while trying to drink wine out of a plastic glass, hanging wildly onto the Harley Davidson style handlebars of an Electra. This is truly living.


2. It’s an Opportunity to get Fancy (and a little Pervy)

Got a new or interesting bike to take out on the town? Critical Mass is your catwalk, strut your stuff. Flash that sexy frame, sister, this is the equivalent of taking a designer outfit on its very first night on the town. Everyone seems to put their best gear forward for Critical mass so it’s a great opportunity to admire, enjoy and check out other riders custom builds and unique rides. The Mikes Bikes team went rolling about on a delightfully gaudy purple and gold Electra and slick black Tandem Electra, both  sporting some pimping lights for our wheels.


3.  You can Bike Bar

Now by no means do we encourage getting white girl wasted behind the wheels (or steering wheel) but a beer or two or a camelbak caipirinha during the ride or at one of the special halfway stops (like the Sheds @ 1Fox) definitely adds to the fun.


4. Two Words. Juta Street. 

Whether it’s an inner city jol, a great steak or some Chesa Nyama you’re jonesing for after the ride, Juta and the surrounds has got you sorted.


For those still thirsty after an adrenaline filled 20km, a variety of bars are at your disposal: the old (seriously old) but classic Kitcheners, Great Dane and Anti Est. (Don’t drink and drive use something like Uber if you’ve over indulged)


For those looking for some post-ride protein The Smokehouse and Grill will sort you out, chop chop and Chesa Nyama will calm all those carbo-loaded cravings every rider knows and loves.


5. It’s free in every sense of the word

Pre-pack your drinks and snacks, it’s a super cheap night out!  Critical Mass proves that the best things in life are free, yes it’s cliche but it’s true. All you need is a bike, any bike, and a sense of adventure.


It’s hard to put into words the exact magic you experience during a Critical Mass so don’t take our word for it, join the rest of Joburg and Pretoria for the next Critical Mass. Friday, 28th November 2014. For more information, times and updates check them out on Facebook.


Happy Riding!
The Mikes Bikes Team 


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